Garage Conversions

Garage conversions are a very popular way to create more living space in a house from the existing garage, a space usually relegated to hosting garden tools and brik-a-brak. Our garage conversions are all geared towards following your brief so you wind up with the new room you want: whether you go for a new bedroom, lounge area, a home gym or a den, or anything in between!

Our gargae conversions are completely tailored to you, making every one a bespoke project, and we encourage you to give us as much design input as you can. If you don’t like an idea, then that idea won’t make the cut. If there’s something you particularly want, then we will make a special effort to ensure it is included in the final design. It’s your garage – convert it into whatever YOU want.

Converting your garage allows you to add a huge extra space to your house without actually building a new extension onto the building. Whether you’re planning to make full use of all your new space or simply wish to add value to your property, a garage conversion can shoot some life into your home and add tens of thousands to its price tag. Some of the reasons to pursue a garage conversion that have driven our customers include:

Creating more living space: If you feel like your house isn’t big enough for your needs, if a child has outgrown their shared bedroom, you’ve taken up a new space-intensive hobby or you just fancy a bigger space to call your own, then you have two choices: move, or increase the space in the house. Many people don’t want to move, as they love their area and their house or would rather spend the money elsewhere, so for them a garage conversion will provide all the extra space they could possibly want, without the stress of leaving your home behind.

Creating a den or study: A refuge within the home, a den or study is the perfect place to find a little solitude, get away from the stress of normal life and just chill out. Relaxing with a book or in front of the TV is hard to do in a busy living room, but in your secluded new den, it’s never been easier.

Larger master bedroom: The master bedroom is the pride of any homeowner – a space all their own, where they are most comfortable. Converting your garage can give you a much larger space than the one already in the house, and give the master bedroom a degree of isolation and peacefulness that is hard to beat.

Guest bedroom: It’s always nice to be able to host a friend or family member that’s come to visit, and having a proper guest room instead of just a sofa to offer them is the sign of a great host. With an expansive guest bedroom in the garage conversion, they’ll have all the space they could want, far enough from the main house to have some independence and privacy too.

Home office: Working from home is a dream for many, and an end goal for even more. Whether you plan to work outside normal business hours, finally write that book, learn a new subject or simply find a quiet place to concentrate and work through the administrative hassles of modern life, a garage office can be the perfect answer. With a garage conversion, your garage could become the perfect working environment, spacious, airy and light, and removed enough from the rest of the house to give you all the peace you could need while working.

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